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We know this might feel like a lot at first, but please understand our heart is to keep YOU and your fellow staff healthy and safe, as well as to follow our state mandates and help our host partners and parents feel safe in participating in camp this summer.

The better we all come alongside one another in these policies, the better our chance of running a full summer of camp, which means more kids get to experience the love of Jesus and don't have to experience the disappointment of a cancelled week of camp. And what could be better than that?!

Please don't hesitate to contact your directors with any questions you may have!



  • We are requesting that all staff quarantine 10 days before arriving at camp by minimizing contact with others, being extra careful to use physical distancing and masks when around others. Please avoid large indoor crowds. Please be aware of your general health day to day during this time. (Pay attention to COVID-like symptoms.)

  • All staff must arrive at camp with a negative COVID-19 test received within 72 hours of check in.

  • Staff will receive a rapid COVID-19 test by a trained EL staff member during Orientation.

  • Day Camp On Location and Day Camp at Flying Horse staff will be tested every other week for COVID-19.

  • Staff will receive daily health screenings while at camp. 



  • According to state and local mandates, staff will be required to wear a mask whenever they are indoors, except when eating or sleeping.

  • Staff will not be required to wear a mask when they are outdoors.

  • When traveling to other states or counties with less restrictive guidelines, Eagle Lake staff will maintain compliance with guidelines established by the state of Colorado (or whatever state we’re in with the highest levels of restrictions; we are anticipating Colorado’s guidelines will be most restrictive.)



  • Curious about what we're requiring for our campers and their families? All customer policies are on our parent website.




  • Staff who exhibit one or more of the following symptoms will receive a COVID-19 test and be isolated until they receive results:

    • New or unexplained cough

    • Fever of 100.4 or higher

    • New loss of taste or smell

  • Staff who exhibit two or more of the following symptoms will be closely monitored and may be isolated and receive a COVID-19 test:

    • Sore throat

    • Runny nose or congestion

    • Muscle or body aches

    • Diarrhea

    • Nausea/vomiting

    • Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing



  • If a staff member is exposed to a confirmed case during the summer:

    • Fully vaccinated staff or staff members who have evidence of antibodies, e.g. a positive COVID-19 test within the last 90 days, do not need to quarantine as long as they do not show any symptoms. Those who have symptoms will be quarantined according to local guidelines (usually 10 days).

    • Staff without evidence of antibodies or vaccination will be quarantined according to local guidelines (usually 10 days).


  • If a staff member must quarantine due to exposure to COVID-19 while working at Eagle Lake, Eagle Lake will incur all quarantine-related expenses (lodging, food, etc.). They will continue to be paid through their quarantine.


  • If a staff member must quarantine due to exposure to COVID-19 while on vacation or from violating the time off and activities policy, the staff member will incur all quarantine-related expenses (lodging, food, etc.). They will continue to be paid through their quarantine.



  • Staff are encouraged to make safe choices during their time off by wearing masks indoors (unless eating), maintaining 6 feet of physical distance from others, and prioritizing outdoor activities over indoor activities as much as possible.


  • Staff vacation requests or time off requests during camp will be approved on a case by case basis by Program Directors. In some cases, a negative COVID-19 test will be required before returning to camp.



  • Staff (both vaccinated and unvaccinated) MAY NOT participate in the following activities without director approval:

    • Large events (indoors or outdoors) or 500 people or more (sports games, concerts, etc.)

    • Indoor social gatherings of 10+ people outside of camp programming

    • Travel on public transportation (airplanes, trains, buses, etc.)




  • No visitors will be allowed on property.



  • Upon arrival, staff will remain strictly in cohorts so as not to spread germs across tracks or programs. The better we do this, the better we serve one another and ensure camp can run as smoothly as possible this summer with YOU - our ESSENTIAL staff! Thanks for joining us this summer!


  • Vaccines are now available for all age groups. If you would like to receive a Pfizer vaccine through Colorado Children's Hospital as an Eagle Lake Employee, please contact your director for more information.