To BEST protect you, your fellow staff, and our campers, we are asking you to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in doing everything humanly possible to protect yourself from illness in general, and Covid-19 in particular. There are a lot of ways you can do this on your own (hello, echinacea tea!), but there are two specific ways we're asking you to help us in this. 


The two following steps are required:

1. Prior to your arrival at camp, please self-quarantine for 7 days prior to your start date. This means:

        1a. Please stay at home except for essential needs (e.g.                  groceries).

        1b. Please don't have friends over during this window,                    and if you live with family or roommates who can't                    quarantine, please do your best to socially distance                  from them, as well. 

        1c. If you have to leave you home, please wear a mask                    and maintain a physical distance for at least 6 feet                   from others.

2. During your 7 days of self-quarantining, please print and  complete this temperature/symptoms check each day.                






Bring this completed form with you to camp and turn it in to the Medical Team upon your arrival.

3. If at all possible, please drive instead of fly, and please take every possible measure to practice social distancing during your travel to camp.



We’re implementing an all-staff quarantine during the in-person portion of orientation. This means…

1. Staff will stay on camp property during orientation.

2. Staff will complete a daily temp/symptoms check.

3. You’ll be assigned to a small group that will act as your “family unit” during orientation. This is the team you will share housing with and tables together during meals. The purpose is to keep the circles tight. You will not be required to wear a mask (unless the governor of Colorado mandates) when you are with your “family unit.”

4. During trainings that require mixing with other groups you will be asked to wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Contact Us:

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Recruiting Team: 719-265-7006


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