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Choose a summer job that outlasts your summer.

Click below to start the BEST summer of your life. 


College is busy enough. If you looked into every summer opportunity that came your way you'd never leave the library. Deciding what to do with your summer should be F-U-N, not overwhelming. What you do with your summer can grow you as a person, make the world better and give you a new experience, especially when you make the simple choice to work at Eagle Lake Camps. Doesn't that sound

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Focus on God

Plan to dive into the Bible this summer through weekly inductive Bible study and daily quiet times, as well as be discipled by summer leadership who are committed to helping you grow in your faith!

Be A Role Model

To campers, counselors are SUPER HEROES! Learn how to model Christ-centered loved and commitment to your campers in actions and intentional spiritual conversations. 

Go on a Summer-Long Adventure

Travel across the mid-United States investing in local church communities, or adventure into the Colorado Rockies to spend a summer in the mountains.

Share Jesus with Kids

Grow in your understanding of the Gospel as you learn how to share it with kids and answer questions along the ways!

Make Lifelong Friends

Be on a team of people all committed to the same mission, excited about walking with Jesus, and building community!


At least that's what our Summer Staff say.

We finally started believing it after they kept repeating it year after year and we just wanted to give you a heads up in case you were wanting to stay, you know, the same.  

Whether it's Day Camp or up at our Overnight Property, God is on the move and we are praying for the best group of Camp Counselors in the country. Don't doubt yourself, it might just be you.


You will actively make a difference, every single day. We get to see campers make the decision to follow Jesus and that is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see in your life.

Andrew Elmendorf

Day Camp On Location

Be prepared to have the best experience of your life - in so many different aspects. Through the people you're going to meet, through the fun stuff you're going to do and through the awesome ways that God’s going to work in you through Eagle Lake programs.

Faith Fowler


When I think summer, I think fun. So I wouldn’t want to spend my time sitting at home staring at a wall watching paint dry...I'd rather be here going down the waterslide, playing 9square, or climbing up a rock wall because that's ALOT of fun. Even though it’s for the kids I still have fun doing it too.

Adriene Kreighbaum

Day Camp On Location

Matthew 22:36-39 says that the greatest two commandments are to love God and to love people. Eagle Lake is the perfect place to learn that, because you get to love God with everything…and you get to exemplify that and love kiddos all the more, and it’s just, it’s such an incredible experience, and I’d highly recommend it.

Drew Rice

(Rez)ident Camp

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Family Camp 4-3_edited.png
Family Camp 4_edited_edited.png

Wouldn't you rather have a story like this at the end of your summer instead of something like, "I sat in a dark cubicle and got really good at taking coffee orders"? 


Looking for an Internship?

Many staff complete internships through us every year! Each internship is based off of the needs of the student, so just ask your interviewer for details!

Future Thinking



Be on a team of people commited to the same mission. Ministering to more than 10,000 Campers, across 8 states, 408 host homes, 75 church partners, with the best 250 summer staff in the country.

Impact People


Dive into the Word this summer through a 10 week Staff Bible Study! Be Discipled! Live alongside like-minded community that become life-long friends. Teach kids about the Gospel of Jesus Christ  through Intentional Spiritual Conversations and grow in your own understanding of the Gospel as you explain it to campers! 

Grow Spiritually


We believe ENTHUSIASM IS......CONTAGIOUS! The first minute of camp makes the first hour, makes the first day, makes the first week, and for campers every week is FIRST WEEK - which means we are enthusiastic in all we do so that campers see how much we LOVE them and KNOW how much GOD loves them. 

Have Fun
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